Be remembered for the right reasons

First class coaching to raise your personal impact in any situation from one to one meetings and platform speaking to conferences and other public engagements.

Our trainers from the TV, marketing and performance industries show you how to improve your performance, working on camera and using playback to show that our methods really do work.

Suitable for School Leaders, Finance/ Development Directors, Chief Executives & Trustees.

Individual and group training.

1-day programme

The training day is highly practical and interactive and will enable delegates to access the techniques that help ensure successful presentations and appearances in the media.

The morning session focuses on developing effective communication and presentation skills.

The afternoon session explores presentation and interview content, including on-camera interview.

By the end of the day, delegates will understand how to engage an audience with passion and to be in a position to set the agenda, wherever they go.


Paul Bader is an award winning international Executive TV Producer working for Discovery, BBC, ITV, Five, Open University etc. He uses his behind the camera skills to raise your game. He is a winner of the Chemical Industries President Award for Raising the Public Understanding of science plus may more communication industry awards.

Barbara Govan is a former TV presenter, reporter and newsreader for ITV and works as a training and marketing consultant.

Victoria Pritchard is a former BBC Voice Coach and works internationally training in Presentation Skills for industry leaders.

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