We are great advocates of professional development for teachers and senior leaders and offer clients a range of workshops and coaching sessions to inspire and motivate staff.

Training Your Voice for Effective Teaching

This is a practical workshop designed to develop the confidence and vocal skills required to communicate more effectively in the teaching environment. Teachers benefit from being introduced to the latest techniques in voice projection, control and tone. Use of case studies, group sessions and video playback make this a thoroughly interactive experience.

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Presentation Skills

This workshop recognises the importance of effective presentation skills for anyone fronting school events. It is particularly relevant to school leaders, senior staff and administrators whose duties may include speaking at functions as varied as association conferences, speech days and fund-raising activities; governing body and parent meetings; school assemblies and sixth form career events.

The school situations that call for polished and effective presentation skills are considerable. Each in its own way provides an opportunity to market (yourself and) the school.

VeriSelect coaching sessions and workshops enable participants to develop techniques to deal with nerves, engage an audience and structure the delivery of information to gain maximum effect. The aim is to enable delegates to leave feeling confident about their ability to present, and equipped with tools that give them a freedom and ability to obtain the results they want.

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Performance Management

VeriSelect can work with you on many levels to maximise staff potential. Using a combination of scientific assessment and the skills of a career management consultant, we can help you evaluate the strengths of your leadership team and identify teachers with leadership potential.

At the other end of the scale, we can lessen the impact of redundancy by providing career consultancy and follow support with CV preparation and practice in interview technique.

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