The route to career fulfilment starts at school!

Wanting to be a pilot, a doctor or lawyer is one thing, but...

In these enlightened times, careers' staff are much more aware of the dangers of stereotyping, and pupils much more oriented toward 'the real me' and personal fulfilment but there is still a pressure to do what is expected of someone with a particular background and education.

Schools have plenty of data on pupils, often psychometric. This information, combined with careful use of computer generated reports, can provide pupils with good ideas about study and career options. However, it is important to appreciate that many psychometric and on-line careers tools are based solely on interests, which are surprisingly not the most important element for career decisions! does not mean that one is attitudinally capable or temperamentally suited.

Many teenagers simply do not know what they want to do - that is why friendly, expert advice combined with scientific assessment is so useful. VeriSelect's career guidance service will ensure that choices can be made that are based on innate talent and not just academic results. With the right course of study at school, you can set your children up for life.

For a confidential, personalised review of career and study options, contact VeriSelect.

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